Cocaine Withdrawal - What are the Symptoms?

As compared to the daunting withdrawal symptoms of alcohol or heroin, such as vomiting and shaking, cocaine withdrawal often prompts fewer physical symptoms. However, the potency of the cravings, the depression, and the anxiety that results from dependence on cocaine can be just as overwhelming. Where does an addict or a loved one affected by addiction turn for help and answers? Often, it seems, to the internet.

A new type of addictions research is bringing to light interesting statistics about online search behaviors. This innovative technology gathers and analyzes thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of pieces of data, to shed light on the specific words and phrases that are being typed into search engines. The results show global trends in topic and key word searches; in this case, those related to “cocaine withdrawal”.

Crack Cocaine Withdrawal - 609 Annual Searches

Online addictions research shows that 3,149 searches occur annually for the exact term “cocaine withdrawal” (see Graph 1 below). Related phrases about cocaine addiction withdrawal seem to focus on requests for specific information, such as “symptoms of cocaine” at 858, and “withdrawal symptoms of cocaine” at 831 occurrences per year. “Crack cocaine withdrawal” follows at 609 searches annually.

Cocaine Withdrawal - Prevalent Search Topics - Graph 1

(Continued on Graph 3 at the bottom of this page)

Top 30 two and three word combinations

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  3300
cocaine withdrawal    3149
symptoms of cocaine    858
withdrawal symptoms of cocaine    831
crack cocaine    761
crack cocaine withdrawal    609
cocaine addiction    556
cocaine addiction withdrawal    552
addiction withdrawal    552
withdrawal from cocaine    415
symptoms of crack    289
withdrawal symptoms of crack    280
symtoms of cocaine    146
withdrawal symtoms of cocaine    146
cocaine withdrawal treatment    77
cocaine withdrawal symptoms    72
cocaine withdrawal symptons    55
holistic cocaine withdrawal    42
symptoms of crack cocaine    33
symptoms of cocaine withdrawal    27
signs of cocaine    13
crack cocaine withdrawal symptoms    12
crack withdrawal    12
smoking crack cocaine    12
smoking crack    12
trazadone cocaine withdrawal    12
withdrawal effects of cocaine    12
signs of cocaine withdrawal    9
withdrawal symptoms from cocaine    8
cocaine withdrawal signs    6
withdrawal from crack cocaine    4
cocaine heroin    4
crack cocaine withdrawal treatment    4
signs of cocaine addiction    4
0 3300

Cocaine Withdrawal Treatment

The statistics presented within these bar graphs are valuable for government agencies, professionals and facilities that deal with cocaine withdrawal treatment. For example, compare 3,149 annual inquiries for “cocaine withdrawal” to a staggering 491,000 for “crack cocaine”. Hundreds of thousands more people are typing in “crack cocaine” than “cocaine withdrawal”.

Further analysis uncovers disturbing facts. That is, the term “crack cocaine” is most often associated with attempts to find recipes for this illegal drug, rather than treatment or recovery from addiction.

Cocaine Withdrawal - Prevalent Words and Concepts Study - Graph 2

Top 100 words used in cocaine withdrawal searches
(Top 1000 can be found at Top 100 cocaine withdrawal exact phrases and top 1,000 concepts/words - Graph 5)

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  5400
cocaine    5283
symptoms    1244
crack    1029
addiction    556
from    430
symtoms    146
what    125
nursing    110
care    110
plan    110
treatment    77
symptons    56
holistic    42
help    36
used    36
signs    22
smoking    12
trazadone    12
dependence    4
heroin    4
how    3
nicotine    3
caffeine    3
methadone    2
long    2
length    2
amantadine    2
time    2
side    2
benzodiazepines    2
anxiety    1
concepts/words.    1
systoms    1
caffiene    1
attacks    1
dwarfs    1
alcohol    1
top    1
addict    1
100    1
babies    1
guide    1
minimize    1
mental    1
lasts    1
phrases    1
produce    1
detox    1
rates    1
stop    1
recovery    1
explanation    1
exact    1
easing    1
ease    1
dosage    1
1,000    1
0 5400

Through Addictions Research, a Montreal Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Offers Help

The graphs and data above have been presented by USDR, a renowned drug and alcohol treatment facility near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As an industry leader, Clear Haven takes a proactive holistic approach in helping addicts and in providing resources that encourage treatment and recovery from substance abuse.

Cocaine Withdrawal - Prevalent Search Topics, Continued - Graph 3

Top 31 - 55 two and three word combinations
(Top 30 are in Graph 1 above)

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  4
signs of crack cocaine    3
benzodiazepines for cocaine withdrawal    2
symptoms cocaine    2
nicotine cocaine withdrawal    2
nicotine cocaine    2
withdrawal symptoms cocaine    2
easing cocaine withdrawal    1
amantadine for cocaine withdrawal    1
cocaine addict    1
cocaine addict withdrawal symptoms    1
cocaine detox    1
cocaine guide withdrawal    1
cocaine methadone withdrawal    1
cocaine withdrawal anxiety attacks    1
cocaine withdrawal lasts    1
cocaine withdrawal recovery rates    1
alcohol and cocaine    1
crack cocaine withdrawal methadone    1
mental withdrawal from cocaine    1
methadone withdrawal    1
stop cocaine    1
symptoms of alcohol    1
withdrawal effect for cocaine    1
withdrawal methadone    1
cocaine withdrawal systoms    1
0 4