Crack Addiction - Family and Friends Seek Help

Crack addiction is fostered as a user attempts to repeat the euphoric high and avoid the inevitable crash that follows inhalation of the drug. The fact that two or three doses of crack cocaine can lead to physical dependency makes it one of the most addictive illicit drugs on the market. As such, “crack addiction” is a term that is frequently searched online.

A new brand of addictions research is providing statistics that are useful in analyzing search trends associated with various types of dependencies; in this case, crack cocaine addiction. This highly advanced research technology shows that 18,500 searches occur annually for the exact phrase “crack addiction”. One would assume that it is not typically users, but those affected by substance abuse that are desperate to seek help and treatment for loved ones.

Signs of Crack Addiction

The warning signs of crack addiction include weight loss, coughing fits, muscle tremors, intense headaches and a general decline in personal appearance, among other physical and emotional symptoms.

Innovative research data plots annual searches for “signs of crack addiction” at 1,670 occurrences (see Graph 1 below). In relation to global searches for “crack addiction”, that means less than 9% of people are digging deeper into symptoms, treatment or recovery advice for this disease. So, what are they looking for?

Crack Addiction - Prevalent Search Topics - Graph 1

(Continued on Graph 3 at the bottom of this page)

Top 30 two and three word combinations

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  20,000
crack addiction    18503
crack cocaine    7952
cocaine addiction    7130
crack cocaine addiction    7130
signs of crack addiction    1670
crack addiction stories    493
info on crack cocaine    292
symptoms of crack    259
symptoms of crack addiction    256
crack addictions    251
crack addiction treatment    237
treatment for crack addiction    219
crack cocain addiction    205
crack cocain    205
crack addiction help    182
cocaine and crack addiction    146
cocaine and crack    146
addiction crack cocaine    110
cocaine addiction behavior    110
crack cocaine addiction behavior    110
teen crack addiction    91
cocaine addiction help    91
teen crack    91
crack addiction recovery    73
crack cocaine addiction chat    73
cocaine addiction signs    73
why is crack addictive    61
addiction of crack    55
crack cocain addiction help    55
crack code    40
0 20,000

Crack Cocaine Addiction

Addictions research shows that the popularly searched term “crack addiction” is most often associated with the phrases “crack cocaine”, “cocaine addiction” and “crack cocaine addiction”, which are all searched 7,100 - 7,900 times each year. It is interesting to note, however, that the inquiries drop off significantly after those terms. In fact, after “signs of crack addiction”, the next most commonly searched phrase is “crack addiction stories” at 493. All other searches amount to only one hundred or so each year.

Crack Addiction - Prevalent Words and Concepts Study - Graph 2

Top 100 words used in crack addiction searches
(Top 1000 can be found at Top 100 crack addiction exact phrases and top 1,000 concepts/words - Graph 5)

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  28,000
addiction    26727
cocaine    8099
signs    2302
treatment    1031
stories    493
symptoms    347
help    332
info    293
addictions    263
cocain    205
behavior    110
cracking    109
teen    91
recovery    78
chat    73
addictive    63
why    61
tx    55
austin    55
code    40
solitaire    40
addicting    37
rate    36
documentary    36
carolina    36
south    36
cocane    18
street    12
names    12
after    10
warning    9
photo    8
from    5
desperate    4
what    4
successful    4
support    4
drug    4
pictures    4
cancer    2
books    2
boards    2
bible    2
denial    2
new    2
treatments    2
family    2
message    2
heroin    2
story    1
affects    1
texas    1
utmb    1
about    1
100    1
Top    1
cravings    1
year    1
1,000    1
free    1
exact    1
due    1
disease    1
research    1
cures    1
side    1
phrases    1
concepts/words.    1
makes    1
physically    1
health    1
risks    1
dallas    1
0 28,000

Addictions Research - A Montreal Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Leads the Way

Crack addiction is a disease that USDR, a Montreal drug and alcohol rehab facility, takes very seriously. The Center has initiated the type of research found on this page in order to study the trends associated with searches for alcohol and drug addictions. In addition to conventional addictions research methods and data, online search statistics associated with such topics as crack cocaine addiction provide insight into the needs of users or those affected by substance abuse. It allows Clear Haven to continue to lead the way in innovative programming, treatment methods, and ultimately, successful recovery stories.

For interesting findings on similar online search terms, visit other pages on this website.

Crack Addiction - Prevalent Search Topics, Continued - Graph 3

Top 31 - 63 two and three word combinations
(Top 30 are in Graph 1 above)

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  40
crack cocaine addiction rate    36
cocaine documentary    36
crack cocane    18
crack cocane addiction    18
crack addiction symptoms    13
crack addiction street names    12
cocaine addictions    11
crack cocaine addictions    11
crack addiction desperate    4
crack addiction support    4
help for crack cocaine    4
drug addiction crack    4
drug addiction    4
symptoms of crack cocaine    3
crack addiction and treatment    3
crack cocaine addiction books    2
cocaine addiction symptoms    2
crack addiction bible    2
crack addiction message boards    2
pictures of crack addiction    2
treatments for crack cocaine    2
crack cocaine addiction symptoms    2
crack cocaine and addiction    2
pictures of crack    2
heroin addiction    1
heroin crack addiction    1
about crack    1
crack addiction signs    1
cocaine research    1
cures crack cocaine addictions    1
cocaine and heroin    1
addictions crack cocaine    1
crack addiction info    1
0 40