28 Days versus 90 Days

Why is a 28 day rehab program likely not enough?

A 28 day program is not a good choice for everyone. During a client's first week to ten days following detox, they are struggling with the immediate physical and mental after effects of addiction and detox. To leave addiction permanently behind, they will need to change almost every single aspect of their lives, including sleep, diet, exercise, and thought patterns.

During the initial week to ten days of extreme mental and physical exhaustion, it very difficult for a client to listen or learn. The first week of the program is spent mostly in physical recovery, dealing with anger and anxiety, and improving personal self-care. Once a client is not feeling sick and restless, they actually start to listen and participate more actively.

They then start to make a connection with their counselor and begin progress in healing. By week 3 and 4 of the program, they really start to dig in and learn.

Unfortunately, in a 28 day program, instead of continuing to learn and practicing new skills, the client is too quickly again focused on getting out of rehab and possible relapse. Week 4 is lost to learning and instead is focused on where to go next. Frequently, the stress and anxiety of leaving rehab results in a return to old habits and addictions.

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This actually means that a 28 day program is really a 2 week program...
Does it make any sense that someone can truly change a long standing addictive pattern in just 2 weeks?

Although many addicts feel hopeful after 28 days of rehab, they often relapse quickly. They have had too little time to learn new behaviors and virtually no time to practice them. Repeated relapse can be reduced and prevented when clients attend a structured program with sufficient time to allow them to succeed. You can't plant vegetables on Saturday and expect to have them for dinner on Sunday.

So why do 28 day programs exist? Simple, it is what insurance will pay for...

A ninety day program means someone will get 10 weeks to learn and practice new behavior, not 2 weeks as in a 28 day program. They get 5 TIMES as much treatment as in a 1 month program. They get past the euphoria of simply being sober and get down to the hard work of change. A 3 month program is a real shot at creating a permanent drug and alcohol free lifestyle, 1 month may simply be a short break from using and from addiction.

Who is well suited to the 60 or 90 day program?

The 90 day program is ideally suited for people who struggle with addictions, and particularly for those who have a history of relapse.

Our program is challenging and multifaceted, just like you. Rather than focusing solely on the addiction, we build on the individual's strengths so the experience of addiction becomes a learning opportunity. We assist you to change your addiction from a barrier to a stepping-stone to increased effectiveness in all aspects of your life. We provide group and individual experiences, challenges, and skill building opportunities that empower you to move past addiction and into positive life change.

You return to work and home:

  • better able to manage conflict and stress
  • confidently moving toward renewed life goals
  • physically and mentally more healthy than ever before
  • renewed and ready to succeed in your career.

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