For U.S. Citizens and Residents

Every year thousands of US citizens and residents come to Canada for alcohol or drug rehabilitation, primarily to take advantage of the substantially lower costs created by the favorable exchange rate but also to detach the addicted from familiar environments. In fact, about 90% of all persons admitted to the Clear Haven rehab center are from the United States.

Visitor permits to Canada for addiction treatment and rehabilitation are readily available, even in cases where the person would not otherwise be permitted entry, and we are in constant contact and have a working relationship with Canadian immigration authorities to facilitate your entry or the entry of a loved one.

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The Clear Haven rehab center …

  • is super cost-effective, even by Canadian standards. The costs associated for addiction treatment through a drug rehab center can be very prohibitive. Yet we have the flexibility and financial advantages which allows a person in desperate need of addiction treatment to attend a premier long-term treatment facility at a fraction of the cost of alcohol and drug rehab centers in the United States. It's part of our mission.
  • is staffed by highly trained Canadian professionals delivering a comprehensive and holistic rehabilitation program,
  • is located only an hour's drive from New York State,
  • provides unique opportunity to interact with North America's French Canadian culture. Clear Haven is less than a ½ hour’s drive from North America’s most European city: Montreal!,
  • is nestled in the mountains on 123 acres of forested land - a quiet, isolated and tranquil atmosphere which has proven to be the most successful environment in alcohol and drug rehabilitation,
  • provides admissions counselors to arrange immigration documents, transportation, court liaison, and if needed, referrals to independent intervention specialists
If your considering Canadian alcohol and drug rehabs, consider the Clear Haven rehab center. For more information on immigration and admission call one of our admissions counselors today - toll free - at 1-800-314-8328.

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