Percocet Addiction - Narcotics can be Addictive

As with any narcotic, Percocet addiction poses a risk with long-term use. The main ingredients of Percocet are oxycodone, a powerful opioid, and acetaminophen. The symptoms and signs of Percocet addiction can range from drowsiness and blurred vision to nausea and euphoria.

Search frequency research delves into the online behaviours of internet searchers to reveal interesting trends and tendencies. This form of study can also be helpful in making comparisons between different addiction issues.

Percocet Addiction - Prevalent Search Topics - Graph 1

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Top 30 two and three word combinations

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  9400
percocet addiction    9137
percocet addiction facts    110
percocet addiction forums    73
percocet addiction therapy    36
addiction to percocet    8
percocet addiction symptoms    5
percocet addictions    4
signs of percocet addiction    4
side effects of percocet    3
symptoms of percocet addiction    2
help for percocet addiction    2
addiction percocet    2
percocet addiction nih    2
percocet addiction center fl    1
percocet addiction brain damage    1
how addictive is percocet    1
how addicting is percocet    1
drug addiction    1
methadone for percocet addiction    1
percocet addiction help    1
percocet addiction signs    1
vicodin darvocet    1
percocet addiction withdrawal    1
percocet addiction withdrawl    1
percocet vicodin    1
prescription drug    1
prescription drug addiction    1
prescription drug addiction percocet    1
spouses and percocet addiction    1
percocet addiction nih treatment    1
0 9400

“Treatment for Percocet Addiction” - Answers Sought Online

With almost 9,200 searches over a one-year period, general information about Percocet addiction, as well as treatment for Percocet addiction, is of interest to many online researchers. This is also true for those looking for information about Oxycontin addiction, another drug whose main ingredient is also oxycodone.

Surprisingly, treatment, withdrawal concerns and symptoms of abuse are not the focus of those seeking information on oxycodone addiction. The focus in oxycodone inquiries tends to be the purchase of this dangerous opioid online. Follow the links for further explanation.

Percocet Addiction - Prevalent Words and Concepts Study - Graph 2

Top 100 words used in Percocet addiction searches
(Top 1000 can be found at Top 100 Percocet addiction exact phrases and top 1,000 concepts/words - Graph 5)

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  9400
addiction    9148
treatment    183
home    182
facts    110
forums    73
therapy    36
how    15
beat    11
symptoms    10
signs    7
addictions    4
help    3
side    3
addictive    2
term    2
long    2
methadone    2
nih    2
what    1
withdrawal    1
addicting    1
Top    1
100    1
darvocet    1
vicodin    1
behavior    1
brain    1
center    1
coming    1
concepts/words.    1
damage    1
avoiding    1
homopathic    1
exact    1
spouses    1
fight    1
fl    1
tips    1
harm    1
1,000    1
withdrawl    1
take    1
narcotics    1
phrases    1
prescription    1
remendies    1
drug    1
0 9400

USDR - At the Forefront of Addictions Research

USDR is leading the way in addictions research. In addition to this “Percocet addiction” study, USDR has sponsored research on a comprehensive list of addiction topics. The analysis of search behaviors enhances the development of treatment programs and encourages further advancements in the field of addictions research.