Percocet Addiction – Search Frequency Research Goes Beyond

The graphs below, regarding "Percocet addiction" online searches, have been generated by innovative new technology that reveals trends related to a variety of pervasive addiction issues.

Graph 4 plots the raw data that was analyzed. It shows overwhelmingly that the specific string, "Percocet addiction," was the phrase individuals used almost exclusively to learn more about this topic. Over a one-year period, 8,690 searches were conducted using this exact phrase.

Of particular interest, "home treatment for Percocet addiction" is listed as the second most frequently searched phrase. It’s disturbing to speculate that individuals are looking for ways to deal with this serious medical condition themselves. Percocet is a narcotic analgesic and withdrawal and detox should be only conducted under strict medical supervision.

To learn more about this fascinating research, visit the main Percocet addiction page for further graphs and analysis on this important medical issue.

Percocet Addiction - Addictions Research - Graph 4

Top 100 precise phrases entered into search engines

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  8900
percocet addiction    8690
home treatment for percocet addiction    182
percocet addiction facts    110
percocet addiction forums    73
percocet addiction therapy    36
how to beat percocet addiction    9
percocet addiction symptoms    5
signs of percocet addiction    4
percocet addictions    3
side effects of percocet addiction    3
addiction to percocet    2
effects percocet addiction    2
help for percocet addiction    2
how to beat a percocet addiction    2
long term effects percocet addiction    2
symptoms of addiction to percocet    2
symptoms of percocet addiction    2
addiction percocet    1
behavior with addiction to percocet    1
for percocet addiction    1
homopathic remendies for percocet addictions    1
how addicting is percocet    1
how addictive is percocet    1
how much methadone to take for percocet addiction    1
how to fight an addiction with percocet    1
methadone for percocet addiction    1
most addictive percocet vicodin darvocet    1
percocet addiction brain damage    1
percocet addiction center fl    1
percocet addiction help    1
percocet addiction nih    1
percocet addiction nih treatment    1
percocet addiction signs    1
percocet addiction withdrawal    1
percocet addiction withdrawl    1
prescription drug addiction percocet    1
signs of addiction to percocet    1
signs of narcotics addiction to percocet    1
spouses and percocet addiction    1
symptoms of addiction to percocet harm you    1
tips on avoiding percocet addiction    1
what are the effects coming of percocet addiction    1
0 8900

Percocet Addiction - Addictions Research - Graph 5

The following graph is an extended list of individual words and concepts taken from the search phrases (like those in Graph 4.) This research tool is excellent for seeing which concepts and sub-concepts are most commonly associated in online search.

Top 1,000 words used in Percocet addiction searches

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  9400
addiction    9148
treatment    183
home    182
facts    110
forums    73
therapy    36
how    15
beat    11
symptoms    10
signs    7
addictions    4
help    3
side    3
addictive    2
term    2
long    2
methadone    2
nih    2
what    1
withdrawal    1
addicting    1
Top    1
100    1
darvocet    1
vicodin    1
behavior    1
brain    1
center    1
coming    1
concepts/words.    1
damage    1
avoiding    1
homopathic    1
exact    1
spouses    1
fight    1
fl    1
tips    1
harm    1
1,000    1
withdrawl    1
take    1
narcotics    1
phrases    1
prescription    1
remendies    1
drug    1
0 9400