This nasty problem nearly forces people right back into their addictions...

It's funny how no one seems to be talking about it.

Why is that?

The problem is stress. Not the stress itself, though. People re-start addictive behaviors when they don't have a healthy way to cope with stress. And they perceive that drugs or alcohol are the only things that will work for them.

Here's the tragedy: there are solid, practical, positive alternatives to deal with stress. But most rehab programs go nowhere near these solutions.

So people with addiction problems leave rehab. And they're no better equipped to deal with what's ahead than they were when they went in.

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At USDR, we take a different approach.We don't think addiction is primarily a moral, spiritual or social problem. We believe, based on extensive research, that people fall (or relapse) into addiction because they feel like they're backed into a corner with stress – and they simply have nowhere else to go.

IMPORTANT: Stress in life has accelerated to an unprecedented level. This is well documented.

Unfortunately, in the lives of many people,the skills and ability to handle increased stress have not kept up. Except in one area: the evolution of destructive, addictive substances.

True, alcohol hasn't changed much. But look at popular recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

  • Marijuana: In the recent past, pot had 0.5% potency of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient that produces the "high." Today's marijuana registers closer to 12% percent – a potency increase of more than 20 times.
  • Cocaine has become more potent, too. Just a little while back, street "snow" was about 10% cocaine.  Now crack cocaine is full strength – 10 times stronger.
  • Herointoday is 10 times more potent than in the past. Because of competition – selling drugs may be illegal, but it's big business – street heroin is almost pharmaceutical grade in purity and potency.

What do more potent drugs mean for the success of rehab?

If the chemical strengthening of addictive substances weren't bad enough, look at personal stress levels today. The World Health Organization estimates 450 million people– that's about one in seven on the planet – are seriously affected by stress.

Study after study shows that email, cell phones, even traffic and environmental noise are posing horrible documented threats to the health of individuals, just because of the increased stress these everyday things cause.

Does all this mean people who are addicted are helpless victims... and the addiction is not their fault?  At Clear Haven, we make an important distinction. People with addiction problems have an impressive package of stress factors adding undeserved pressures to their lives.  Their addiction may not be entirely their fault. 

But it is still their responsibility, 100%, to live an addiction-free life.

Only one problem.

How do you do it?

We believe there's a practical, sensible way to end addictions and lead a happier, healthier, more productive life

To be blunt about it, we take a different approach than the vast majority of other rehab centers. We make no claim on having any superior moral or spiritual information about what causes, or ends, addiction. Instead, we see addiction as a behaviorthat represents what the addicted person thinks is the best they can do to cope – given their skills and experience.

Our logic goes like this: If there were a better alternative to deal with stress, that individual would take it.  They just don't feel, in that moment of stress, like they haveany real alternatives.

They simply don't know what else to do that they think will work to help them deal with their current level of stress.

At Clear Haven, in a holistic, healthy environment, we give residents nearly 100 different tools for handling stress.Most people choose about 10 of these healthy techniques to use, permanently, on a regular basis. 

So even if the temptation to relapse comes up, there are alternatives.  Stemming from personal, successful experience. Now the person in recovery has more than just willpower, slogans and phone calls to count on.  Which is vitally important.

Our program is for people who want to take responsibility for their behavior and want a solid reason (backed up by real-world tools) to hold onto hope that they will be successful.

Our admissions counselors will be glad to explain our program to you in as much detail as you want, and answer all your questions in an unhurried, no-pressure conversation.

If your considering Canadian alcohol and drug rehabs, consider the Clear Haven rehab center. For more information on immigration and admission call one of our admissions counselors today - toll free - at 1-800-314-8328.

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