Valium Addiction - Possible with Long Term Use

Valium has been used effectively for the treatment of anxiety disorders, acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms and some forms of spasticity for over 40 years; however, the emerging prevalence of Valium addiction is causing reason for concern. Long-term use of this mild tranquilizer is often linked to physical dependency. Valium abuse is also a possibility as a user builds a tolerance to, and takes increasing amounts of, the drug in order to feel the effects.

Advanced technology that analyzes online search frequencies provides insight into trends. What does this modern brand of addictions research reveal about Valium addiction?

Valium Addiction Signs - Low Rate of Queries Encouraging

In a one-year period, the phrase, “Valium addiction” was queried only 3,682 times; still 10 inquiries per day, but not nearly as often as other prescription drug addictions terms. By comparison,

The second most common phrase related to “Valium addiction” is “Valium addiction signs”, at 184 queries. Next is “Valium addiction therapy” at 36. See Graph 1 below.

Valium Addiction - Prevalent Search Topics - Graph 1

(Continued on Graph 3 at the bottom of this page)

Top 30 two and three word combinations

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  3800
valium addiction    3682
addiction signs    184
valium addiction signs    184
valium addiction therapy    36
addiction therapy    36
signs of valium addiction    7
valium addiction and withdrawl    5
addictive nature of valium    4
nature of valium    4
addiction valium    3
addiction to valium    2
about valium    2
addictive substances in valium    1
addiction help    1
addiction picture    1
valium addictive    1
valium addiction solutions    1
valium addiction pictures    1
danger of valium addiction    1
addictive substances    1
valium addiction dosage    1
alternatives to valium    1
valium addiction picture    1
valium and xanax    1
testimonies of valium addiction    1
valium addiction patients    1
valium addiction help    1
addictive quality of valium    1
0 3800

Long-Term Valium Addiction

Though not a highly searched term online, “Valium addiction” does show some interesting tendencies. Similar studies often show great diversity in the selection of words used to describe a topic. “Valium addiction” strays from this trend. Almost all related inquiries use about six terms to refine their search - “addiction”, “term”, “long”, “signs”, “therapy” and “addictive”.

Graph 5 typically lists the top 1000 concepts/words. Only 32 specific words have accompanied “Valium addiction” within the year studied.

Valium Addiction - Prevalent Words and Concepts Study - Graph 2

Top 100 words used in Valium addiction searches
(Top 1000 can be found at Top 100 Valium addiction exact phrases and top 1,000 concepts/words - Graph 5)

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  3800
addiction    3688
term    438
long    438
signs    191
therapy    36
addictive    12
withdrawl    5
what    5
nature    4
symptoms    3
about    2
real    2
concepts/words.    1
danger    1
dangers    1
dosage    1
exact    1
picture    1
help    1
addicting    1
alternatives    1
non    1
phrases    1
xanax    1
pictures    1
problem?    1
qualities    1
quality    1
solutions    1
substances    1
testimonies    1
patients    1
0 3800

Addictions Research - A Montreal Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Leads the Way

USDR, a drug and alcohol rehab center near Montreal, Quebec, Canada is a leader in the use of search frequency research to expand the knowledge base of prescription drug addiction in Canada and throughout the world. By sponsoring this new, innovative research, Clear Haven assists patients, physicians and researchers in the fight against addictions.