Valium Addiction – Search Frequency Research Supports Clinical Evidence

When benzodiazepines were first introduced in the 1960’s, it was believed they would be more effective and non-habit forming than their barbiturate counterparts. Over the years, it became clear that although benzodiazepines were effective, they were indeed habit forming, as evidenced by increased incidences of Xanax and Valium addiction.

Addictions research has shown that while Valium addiction was a major issue in the 1970’s, it has somewhat been overshadowed by the prevalence of Xanax addiction in the early 1980’s and beyond. Search frequency research supports this clinical evidence.

Graphs 4 and 5 presented on this page show that query rates for "Valium addiction" are quite low, especially compared to the search frequency rates of "Xanax addiction". For other interesting findings, please visit the Valium addiction main page.

Valium Addiction - Addictions Research - Graph 4

Top 100 precise phrases entered into search engines

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  3100
valium addiction    3002
long term effect of valium addiction    438
valium addiction signs    184
valium addiction therapy    36
addictive nature of valium    4
signs of valium addiction    4
addiction valium    3
valium addiction and withdrawl symptoms    3
what are the signs of valium addiction    3
valium addiction and withdrawl    2
addiction to valium    1
addictive quality of valium    1
addictive substances in valium    1
danger of valium addiction    1
dangers of addiction to valium    1
is valium a real addiction    1
is valium addicting    1
is valium addiction a real problem?    1
is valium that addictive    1
non addictive alternatives to valium    1
testimonies of valium addiction    1
the addictive qualities of valium    1
valium addiction dosage    1
valium addiction help    1
valium addiction patients    1
valium addiction picture    1
valium addiction pictures    1
valium addiction solutions    1
valium addictive    1
what is addictive about valium    1
what is addictive about valium and xanax    1
0 3100

Valium Addiction - Addictions Research - Graph 5

The following graph is an extended list of individual words and concepts taken from the search phrases (like those in Graph 4.) This research tool is excellent for seeing which concepts and sub-concepts are most commonly associated in online search.

Top 1,000 words used in Valium addiction searches

  estimated searches/year across all search engines     
 0  3800
addiction    3688
term    438
long    438
signs    191
therapy    36
addictive    12
withdrawl    5
what    5
nature    4
symptoms    3
about    2
real    2
concepts/words.    1
danger    1
dangers    1
dosage    1
exact    1
picture    1
help    1
addicting    1
alternatives    1
non    1
phrases    1
xanax    1
pictures    1
problem?    1
qualities    1
quality    1
solutions    1
substances    1
testimonies    1
patients    1
0 3800