Alcohol Abuse Information

Alcohol Abuse Information:

Alcoholism, also referred to and called alcohol abuse, addiction or dependence, is an addictive disorder that includes, as part of the disorder, alcohol cravings and continued excessive drinking regardless of problems resulting from the drinking. Problems such as losing one's employment, legal problems, family problems, are examples of troubles resulting from alcoholism.

Alcohol addiction has, as a rule of thumb, four major symptoms:

  • Craving - a strong sensation of the need and/or compulsion to consume alcohol.
  • Impaired Control - the lack of ability to control the amount of alcohol consumed on any given occasion.
  • Physical Dependence - symptoms of withdrawing from alcohol, such as sweating, nausea, shakiness, and a sense of anxiety when the use of alcohol is stopped after a period of prolonged, heavy alcohol use.
  • Tolerance - the need of consuming larger amounts of larger in order to feel the effects of alcohol intoxication.

The consequences from alcohol addiction can be very tragic and devastating. The effects of alcoholism on those around the alcoholic are hard felt. Quite simply, alcohol abuse destroys. It destroys families, relationships, future goals, personal finances, health, and many other facets of life. Alcohol addiction knows no socio-economic or ethnic boundaries and nor does it make any distinction based on age or gender. Alcoholism is nothing more than a killer powerful, cunning and devastating to all those who fall into the trap of this dangerous condition both the alcoholic and those around them suffer. There are no exceptions.

However, when alcohol addiction or alcohol abuse is properly identified and effective alcohol treatment is administered either in a residential alcohol rehab or outpatient setting, dreams once shattered can again be sought and achieved. True happiness can only be achieved through sobriety, and only effective alcohol treatment can help end alcohol addiction if users engage a treatment program to change their life.

Effective alcohol abuse treatment is hard to find. There are so many programs and finding the right treatment approach is tough. The US Drug Rehab Centers directory contains listings that specialize in various alcoholism treatment cases from the first-time rehab seekers to those suffering from chronic relapses. All it requires is a genuine willingness on the part of the alcoholic to make a decision to change a desire and willingness to honestly participate in an intensive alcohol treatment program to permanently solve the addiction. If you or someone you love currently suffers from alcoholism, we can assure you that effective alcohol treatment is the first step towards a life of enlightenment, sobriety, happiness, prosperity, and a sense of self-esteem never dreamed of for oneself.