New Free Workbook for Parents and Loved Ones

February 28th, 2015 by Us Drug Rehab Admin

Want to help and support someone in a Drug or Alcohol Treatment Center?  Not sure what to do to support them when the leave the treatment center.  We now have another free workbook available to help those facing these issues.


Click here for our new Free Workbook.   

Blame and Responsibility

February 20th, 2015 by Us Drug Rehab Admin

We all like to blame.  It makes us comfortable.  It makes us feel secure.  It also prevents us from change.  It also keeps us frustrated.  It keeps us powerless.  As long as you blame other people for the place you are in life, you will be in pain.  You will be in a place more like to stay addicted and progress in an addiction.  Staying in unhealthy situations are totally our own choice. 

 Other people cannot change your life.  Other people are not doing it wrong.  There are always at least 2 things you can do in any situation.  You can always modify your behavior.  More importantly you can change your internal response to the situation.  You can change how you define it or the meaning of it.  You can frame it as a growth opportunity instead of "someone out to get you".  View it as a teaching moment instead of the other person is rude or stupid.  At the end of the day, blame is just a waste of time. 

Welcome Redwood Cliffs

December 16th, 2014 by Us Drug Rehab Admin

Redwood Cliffs, a Narconon facility has joined our directory.  If you are looking for non traditional , non 12 step treatment, this might be a place for you.  We welcome all new drug and alcohol rehab centers to list their information with us.  

Tolerance Decreases Addiction Increases

July 23rd, 2013 by Us Drug Rehab Admin

Have you noticed how little it takes to get people upset today? Just read facebook for a while.  People are ranting abot everything.  While politically we seem to be getting more tolerant, passing laws to protect everyone, in reality on a personal level people seem to be getting less tolerant about everything.  Suing eachother has become a notional passtime.  Blaming eachother almost boders on a national obsession.

So it takes very little to create upset and stress in peoples day to day lives.  We actually have a lot of stress coping with the world, so we certainly do not need more and less meaningful reasons to get upset.  More stress and upset will lead to more drug and alcohol useage.  That will of course lead to more addition.  I guess that will just mean more work for the police and prison guards.  That seems to be our only solution.  As Dr. Phil likes to say…. How's that working for ya?  When it come to the American society… not very well. 

War on Drugs is a War on the Poor

July 17th, 2013 by Us Drug Rehab Admin

The war on drugs continues to be a great waste of funds.  Money that could fund all the drug rehab centers and programs we would need to really deal with addiction.  The war on drug simply means the poor and disadvantaged amoung us, end up in trouble and in jail.  People with money do not end up with the same sentences and seldom go the jail as the poor, especially the poor minorities. 

We pat ourselves on the back for conviction rates that go up, but so does the problem.  We just end up with angrier people back on the street who no longer believe in our system of fairness and justice.   Simply put the war on drugs puts people in jail to turn them into real criminals that we then have to deal with.  Police and prison guard unions keep up the noise about how they are winning the war….if we only hire a few more officers…. we are all sick of this line.

Funny we always have money to put the poor in jail, we just never have money to educate them are put them in a great drug rehab center where they can get better.

Big Business and Drug Rehab

July 15th, 2013 by Us Drug Rehab Admin

There is a fair amount of consolidation in the field of drug and alcohol rehab centers.  Big rehab centers are buying smaller rehab centers.  It is a natural progression that happens is any field over time.  Ultimately it may turn out to be a good thing for people with addiction.  As businesses get larger, quality control always comes to the fore front.  This means more standard treatment formats which means most likely more consistent results.  Also costs may come down with the quantity of scale that is always present in a larger organization.  Less expensive drug rehab centers and more consistent results would be a plus for us all.

Without Drugs and Alcohol, Where is the Disease?

July 10th, 2013 by Us Drug Rehab Admin

Sometimes there are those who think drug and alcohol abuse is not a disease.  They point to the fact if you took and addicted person toa desert island and there was absolutely no way to procure drug or alcohol there would be no addiction.  While on some level there would be no drugs or alcohol, there would still be some symptoms.  People who abuse drugs and alcohol while growing up permanently damage their brain.  So the "disease" will remain long after the cause has been removed.  Really it is time to stop the prejudice and games.  Alcoholism and drug abuse is real, with real effects on all of us.  We need to grow up and treat it as such.

Thoughts About Health and Drug Rehab

July 9th, 2013 by Us Drug Rehab Admin

You can't get physically fit in a day.  Even if you spend 24 hours a day , you will not speed up the process more than 2 to 3 times the normal rate of change.  While you can stop drinking or abusing drugs, becoming truly sober is a similar process.  Both of these processes take time to strengthen muscles and habits until the changes appear visible to the rest of the world.  It will take time for people to notice and see the changes externally.  Drug rehab is about establishing habits and stucture. 

While new reserach will find new ways to treat the addicted brain, there will always be the issue of replacing bad habits and influences with good ones.  People always overestimate what they can do in a week or a month.  They always underestimate what they can to in a year or a decade.  A  key quality that needs to be learned in drug rehab is patience.  It takes time to grow and heal.  Addiction is a long term disease.  Sobriety is a long term growth exercise. 

Drug Rehab and Drug Addiction Priority Going Down

June 10th, 2013 by Us Drug Rehab Admin

Homeland security, the econony, border security, jobs, the deficit, Obomacare…the list of our government's priorities is getting longer and longer.  Unfortunately for those who are dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, programs to help them are getting pushing down and down the funding trail.  Demand from the difficult ecomony has lead many people to abuse drugs and alcohol even more than when times were good.

The general view of society sometimes seems like you got your self into this mess, so it up to you to get your self out.  Self or family funded drug and alcohol rehab looks like the only real option for many people.  This means the private sector more than ever needs to find creative ways to provide affordable drug rehab.  Unfortunately, regulations and certifications for drug rehab centers in many states are increasing. Not a good sign for those hoping for more reasonably priced drug rehab.  I guess it is simpler for everyone just to watch lives implode, addicts die or go to jail.  I would hope the greatest country on the face of the earth could do better than that.

Drug Rehab and Facebook

June 2nd, 2013 by Us Drug Rehab Admin

Facebook and Twitter have been involved with some pretty amazing things.  People connecting and using these sites have changed the face of the middle east and toppled long standing dictators.  It allowed ordinary people to connect and realize they were not alone and did not have to take the status quo any more.  Might it be possible for the same thing to happen here in how we deal with drugs and addiction.  We have spent billions on arresting and putting people in prison.  We have task forces and a war on drugs.  Yet we still have large and difficult drug and addiction problems.  Maybe it is time for ordinary people to group and tell the powers that be, we have .  Time to put all of the money we are wasting on enforcement into drug rehab programs and real help in teaching people how to cope in today's world without drugs and alcohol.  Less DEA agents in body armor, and more Dr. Phil types working with people and teens at risk.  Tough on crime bills may get senators elected, but it does not help people with addiction change.  Maybe if we topple a few senators with social media, we can get people to quit paying lip service to drug rehab, and start funding it instead.