Low Cost Drug and Alcohol Detox and Treatment

Heroin, Suboxone, Alcohol, Speed, Crack, Prescription Drugs - Pat Moore Foundation offers low cost high quality drug rehab and detox on a unique co-ed campus seperating women and men for group and living. Christian base services available.

Contact Name: annpatmoorefoundationcom
Contact Email: ann@patmoorefoundation.com
Address: 2568 Newport Blvd.
  Costa Mesa,
Phone: 1-800-864-2027
Website: http://www.patmoorefoundation.com
  • Men Welcome
  • Women Welcome
  • Homosexuals Welcome


  • Alcohol Specialty
  • Cocaine Specialty
  • Heroin Specialty
  • Crack Specialty
  • Marijuana Specialty
  • Prescription Drug Specialty
  • Meth Specialty

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