Pathway to Sobriety / Palos Communty Center

The PATHWAY TO SOBRIETY program at THE CENTER is an extended care program for ongoing chemical dependency treatment and stabilization where clients live and work on the premises, a working horse camp an general community activity center, for a period of four to six months, with the last two months working at employment independent of THE CENTER. The program is holistic in that it utilizes hard work, community connections, self help support participation in AA, as well as cognitive behavioral therapeutic efforts in group and individual counseling sessions.

Contact Name: James Loftin
Contact Email:
  Palos Park, Illinois
Fax: 7083612811
  • Men Welcome
  • Homosexuals Welcome


  • Alcohol Specialty
  • Cocaine Specialty
  • Heroin Specialty
  • Crack Specialty
  • Marijuana Specialty
  • Prescription Drug Specialty
  • Meth Specialty

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