The Liberty Ranch

The Liberty Ranch is a highly structured 12-step facility for men and women suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. The journey of recovery is not an easy one. One of the biggest reasons why so many alcoholics and addicts continue to relapse is that they lack the structure and support that is essential to maintaining sobriety. The highly structured program at The Liberty Ranch is intensely focused on helping residents integrate the 12-step philosophy into their lives.

Contact Name: Larry L
Contact Email:
Phone: 606-787-2021
Fax: 606-787-2364
  • Men Welcome
  • Adolescents Welcome
  • Homosexuals Welcome


  • Alcohol Specialty
  • Cocaine Specialty
  • Heroin Specialty
  • Crack Specialty
  • Marijuana Specialty
  • Prescription Drug Specialty
  • Meth Specialty

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