The Institute for Staged Recovery

A New York center directed towards an integrated psychospiritual and therapeutic approach to recovery in one-on-one and group settings. Philosophy is based on Dr. Michael Picucci's books "The Journey Toward Complete Recovery" (1998) & "Ritual As Resource: Directing the Human Energy Field toward Health & Wellness" (2005). The Insitute for Staged Recovery & The Institute for Authentic Process Healing strive to reduce human suffering through the most advanced healing options.

Contact Name: michael
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Address: 85 Fifth Avenue, Suite 905
  80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1507
  Manhattan, New
Phone: (212) 242-5052
Fax: (212) 627-9678
  • Homosexuals Welcome


  • Alcohol Specialty
  • Cocaine Specialty
  • Heroin Specialty
  • Crack Specialty
  • Marijuana Specialty
  • Prescription Drug Specialty
  • Meth Specialty

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