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A 16 part online alcohol and drug rehabilitation program

Welcome to USDR's free online drug and alcohol rehab program lessons.

  • Having difficulty coming up with enough money for drug and alcohol rehab?
  • Are you on a waiting list for rehab and need something to help you while you are waiting to get in?
  • Need to help a loved one with drug and alcohol addiction, and learn more about addiction and how to treat it?

You have come to the right place!

Each of the following lessons will help you understand and move away from addiction. Each lesson consists of around 40 slides, and will take around 15 minutes to go through.

Start and stop any time, Return whenever you want. Bookmark this page as we will be constantly adding more lessons and a relaspe prevention manual over the next few weeks and months.

And best of all, all the information is available free 24 hours a day.

Addiction Is Learned Online Lesson 1:
Addiction Is Learned
Addiction And Mental Health Online Lesson 2:
Addiction And Mental Health
Addiction And Physical Health Online Lesson 3:
Addiction And Physical Health
Addiction And Relationships Online Lesson 4:
Addiction And Relationships
How We Think Impacts How We Act Online Lesson 5:
How We Think Impacts How We Act
Managing Cravings And Urges Online Lesson 6:
Managing Cravings And Urges
Sleep And Relapse Prevention Online Lesson 7:
Sleep And Relapse Prevention
Managing Internal Causes Of Relapse Online Lesson 8:
Managing Internal Causes Of Relapse
Food And Relapse Prevention Online Lesson 9:
Food And Relapse Prevention
Exercise And Relapse Prevention Online Lesson 10:
Exercise And Relapse Prevention
Sex And Relapse Prevention Online Lesson 11:
Sex And Relapse Prevention
Medications And Relapse Prevention Online Lesson 12:
Medications And Relapse Prevention
Self Control and Relapse Prevention Online Lesson 13:
Self Control And Relapse Prevention

The online lessons are free for personal use only. Any use in a rehab or counseling setting, private or non-profit, is prohibited. Please email us for information on purchasing bulk licensing for private and non-profit use. Our contact email will be updated shortly.

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