The Agora House for Men

Agora House is an affordable residential treatment center located in the North Georgia area. The Agora House is a 12 Month long residential treatment program with a structured, tiered "phase" system. Clients are expected to work a full time job while in the program. Clients are expected to attend 12 Step meetings and work with a Sponsor on a on a daily basis. Clients are also expected to attend both community groups and their respective"house" meetings weekly. Clients also are expected to participate in group Treatment with the Agora House's Certified Addiction Counselor or the Agora House Program Director. The Agora House is an accredited program, meeting the the Georgia Department of Corrections and Parole Board requirements in order to be recognized on the THOR directory. The Agora House staff meets weekly, discussing client's progress and current status in the program. The Agora House staff encourages the clients to develop and follow their treatment plan which is collaboratively developed by the client and the staff. Upon discharge, the client will have a Relapse Prevention and Transition Plan.

Contact Name: Jon Wiesner, CAC II
Contact Email:
Address: 360 Oak St
  Gainesville, GA
Phone: 1 770.535.9100
Fax: 770-534-7216
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