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Free Workbook - Help Them Succeed At Rehab And Prevent Relapse

A Guide For Parents and Partners of People Leaving Addiction Behind


You can make a difference!

You can reclaim your life and help your loved one end addiction.

When your family member is finally in rehab, you heave a sigh of relief. And then the phone rings. It is not good news. What a sinking feeling of frustration and helplessness when your loved one has made it to rehab, only to quit or perhaps to be asked to leave. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own expert to guide you in helping your loved one through the rehab experience? Wouldn’t it be great if the advice was based on what has been proven to work rather than personal experiences or hearsay? This book can help make the rehab and recovery less of a struggle for both you and the person attending rehab. Research does show that a person with the experience of addiction can leave that lifestyle behind.

Find real answers to your questions:

How can I help my loved one end addiction? You will discover:

  • How to pick the most effective rehab.
  • How you can best help your loved one during rehab
  • What actions to take to protect your loved one after rehab.
  • When the greatest risk of relapse occurs after rehab.
  • The four most common causes of relapse
  • How addiction has impacted your life, and how to reverse it.
  • How family members can increase the risk of relapse and how to avoid this.
  • Simple methods to remove negative influences from your loved one’s life, including people, places and things.
  • What foods can cause the body to mimic drug cravings.
  • How to turn a lapse into a powerful and positive learning experience.

Take the first step today! Let Help Them Succeed At Rehab And Prevent Relapse guide you to assist both you and your loved one succeed!

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Free Workbook - Help Them Succeed At Rehab And Prevent Relapse

Make Your Last Relapse The Last

Wondering how to help your loved one follow the advice from this book? Make Your Last Relapse The Last guides your loved one step by step, through worksheets and exercises, that can help them form the first steps toward creating structure and success in both your lives!

* The workbook is free for personal use only. Rehab facilities, rehab programs, group leaders, counselors, or other professionals wishing to incorporate our material into their program are permitted when a hard copy is purchased for each client from our publisher. Please click to purchase copies.

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