Cedar Avenue House of Lower Bucks County

Dedicated to providing services to chemically dependent males during early stages of recovery. Our semi-protected and home-like living facility assists clients in their gradual re-entry into the community. Located in Croydon, Pennsylvania. Male Drug & Alcohol recovery/sober house located in Lower Bucks County, PA

Contact Name: Anthony Viscomi
Contact Email: cedaravehouse@msn.com
  Croydon, Pennsylvania
Phone: (215) 788-1301
Fax: (215) 788-3914
Website: http://cedaravenuehouse.org
  • Men Welcome


  • Alcohol Specialty
  • Cocaine Specialty
  • Heroin Specialty
  • Crack Specialty
  • Marijuana Specialty
  • Prescription Drug Specialty
  • Meth Specialty

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