Alcohol & Drug rehab centers in Texas (TX)

Texas’s outpatient & inpatient drug rehab centers, programs & facilities - short & long term residential treatment centers


AA District 2 Area 68 - South Hill Country

District 2 covers a large geographic area between Austin, TX and San Antonio, TX. The meetings are in rural locations and begin as early as 8:30 AM. Most locations' last meeting is at 8 PM. Some of the smaller communities only meet on certain nights of the week. If traveling it is suggested you call ahead to ensure the accuracy of the schedule. In keeping with the tradition that AA ought never be organized, we are traditional.

San Marcos

Contemporary Teaching

Earn Approved Continuing Education Credit Hours through Homestudy Courses We have been providing continuing education credit hours through our 41 approved homestudy courses since 1989. We cover many aspects of addiction recover, family violence treatment, relapse prevention, alternative to 12 step recovery training, Professional Ethics, Sexual Addiction and Sexual abuse & Incest recovery, Grief Recovery etc. Go to our website for a complete listing of these approved courses.


Eupsychia's Addiction Treatment Alternative 28-Day Program of Third Stage Recovery™

Experiential alternative addiction treatment program for chronic relapsers using methods to access and heal the underlying root causes of all types of addiction. Jacquelyn Small, Director.


Imagine Programs

Imagine Programs is an adolescent chemical dependency intensive outpatient program. We work with teens ages 13-18. Our programs use a combination of music. storytelling, drama and experiential therapy in addition to the fundamental elements of traditional treatment models such as group therapy, psych-education, 12 Step recovery and family involvement.


Oak Hill House

Oak Hill Sober Living for Men is a recovery house that provides a safe and structured environment for the newly recovering alcoholic and addict as well as persons that have the need for additional safety, structure and support. At Oak Hill, the residents are provided a drug and alcohol free living environment that promotes recovery. In this environment residents find support among themselves in developing a new outlook on life: learning how to deal with life as a sober and responsible member of society. Each week the members have peer meetings and support sessions to help in understanding their part in dealing with their recovery. House residents attend daily 12-step meetings, build a support group and learn to apply the 12-step recovery program to effectively deal with their chemical dependency problems. Oak Hill features a social model program. We emphasize family style structure and support. Our home cooked meals are prepared by the residents. We share meals mornings and evenings. At breakfast, we take time to share our plans and meditate together. This check in system promotes accountability as well as teaching the value of taking personal responsibility. Residents develop a positive support matrix by including in their plans residents, staff and other sober members.


faith in christ mission

Faith based Residential 30/90 day recovery.