Free Relapse Prevention Worksheets

14 relapse prevention workbooks from US Drug Rehab Centers

Table of Contents

Positive Family And Friend Support

Positive family support comes from those people who trust in your ability to achieve your goals and maintain abstinence. They help you to improve your skills and don’t just pat you on the back. Positive support is demonstrated when family and friends take specific actions that help you to achieve your goals. These might include: offering to drive you to a job interview, helping you prep for an exam, helping you stay healthy by running with you or participating in sporting events with you, attending and participating in counseling sessions
or communication classes with you.

To prevent relapse you will need to seek out family members or friends who are willing to actively support you in your decision to remain abstinent. To succeed in repairing relationships and developing a more supportive family network you will need to develop communication skills and anger management skills to assist you to resolve interpersonal conflicts. If you are in a partner or marital relationship you may want to consider relationship or marital therapy. Both have been proven to reduce relapse, particularly for those with alcohol abuse problems. Your relapse risk is reduced when partners agree to:

  • Learn communication skills to give you positive and honest feedback that reinforce your abstinence and life goals.
  • Maintain an alcohol and drug free house.
  • Learn conflict resolution skills.
  • Not associate with former friends or family who are heavy drinkers or drug users.

Partners who actively and positively support you through these types of behaviors will increase the probability of your success and improve the relationship.