Free Relapse Prevention Worksheets

14 relapse prevention workbooks from US Drug Rehab Centers

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Cravings Always Get Weaker If You Don’t Respond To The Urge to Use

Simple waiting and counting can sometimes be effective. Each episode of craving will gradually lessen and fade. That is the way your body works. Taking action to reduce the stimulus or remove the cue will reduce the frequency and the strength of the craving. Leave that movie with graphic drug using. Walk away from detailed discussions on how great crack is. Removing yourself from cues will reduce the frequency of cravings.

As the days and months pass, cravings will occur less and be weaker when they do. As long as you’re managing your anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and frustrations by continually improving your coping skills, you can change the outcome of cravings. You can act by using new knowledge to change beliefs. You can act by challenging dysfunctional thinking. You can combat permission to use beliefs. You can keep yourself away from easy access to drugs or alcohol. You can remove cues and practice managing stimulus to cravings. You can interrupt your relapse cycle. You can succeed.