Free Relapse Prevention Worksheets

14 relapse prevention workbooks from US Drug Rehab Centers

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What Could Be Stopping You?

Your life can change quickly once you learn and use new skills. Think about it. The only thing stopping you from succeeding in any area of your life is a lack of knowledge. If you commit to learning, you can bridge that gap. If your goal is to have three new social activities and three new friends you truly enjoy being with, what could be stopping you? You can acquire new knowledge, mental skills, people skills, and the ability to handle the stress of meeting new people. You can find new social activities that build on your current interests and abilities. You can have friends and activities that bring you joy and support your success.

How can you quickly acquire the skills you need to move ahead in your new exercise, recreational, and social life? The fastest way is by investing time and money in courses, CD’s and books that can help you to get the knowledge and skills you need. Consider: How much money would you spend each year on servicing a car? Include gas, oil changes, new tires, repairs, other insurance and payments. You need to spend as much time, energy and sometimes money each year improving and upgrading your social and recreational skills.

There are people out there who are physically, recreationally and socially active, and who are having fun and excitement. What separates them from everyone else? It is their lifetime commitment to learning, a willingness to invest in their own personal development, and a willingness to commit time and energy to improving their skills. That’s not complex. Do you want to step up and join those people who are happy and reasonably successful? It’s easier than you think. Whether people have had the experience of addiction or not, many people prefer to do nothing and hope things will get better.

You can take action and invest today in your new future. Invest your energy, commitment, time, and money. You have everything to gain. You know you can learn to play any sport from tennis to lawn bowling to hockey. You can succeed at any adventurous activity from flying to mountain climbing. You can express yourself creatively from dancing to drawing. You can create your own fun world from a home gym to a garden with a walking path. You can meet people and be a friend who is desired by others. You can learn to communicate with clarity, humor, and interest. You can enjoy being you and find yourself interesting to be with, even when you are alone.

A recent survey (2004 Alberta Recreation Survey) asked people about their most important reasons for taking part in leisure activities and they identified:

  1. For physical health
  2. For pleasure
  3. To enjoy nature
  4. To relax
  5. To be with family

Create your own compelling reasons. Exercise, social, and recreational activities can add the excitement and joy you need in your life, without using alcohol and drugs. Unless you take the time to plan, and the time and energy to take action, you will drift back into negative life patterns. Take action and you can move quickly and safely from the lifestyle of addiction to a comfortable and healthy lifestyle that includes fun and joy.