Free Relapse Prevention Worksheets

14 relapse prevention workbooks from US Drug Rehab Centers

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High-Risk Situations For Relapse

When are you most at risk for relapse? Research shows that high-risk situations are those activities and places that have many cues to use drugs or alcohol. High-risk situations are always individual, that is specific to you, and should be avoided. If they cannot be avoided, then you must learn to cope with them. What is high-risk for you may not be high risk for another person (Marlatt, & Donovan, 2005).

The first step is to recognize when you are in or close to a risky situation. It is important to learn to pay attention to the situations you find yourself in and practice being aware of changes in your thoughts and feelings. This will help you detect warning signs as soon as possible (Marlatt, & Donovan, 2005). Take ten minutes now and identify three high-risk situations for yourself. These are situations where there are cues for drinking and drug using as well as social pressure for drinking and using drugs. Consider social occasions such as watching the playoffs on TV with a group of friends or entering a local bar near your home or a particular time you frequently argue with your partner. It may help to think back to your last relapse and picture the situation just before you decided to use again.

List and describe your high risk situations below:

Download the high risk situation worksheet (PDF).