Free Relapse Prevention Worksheets

14 relapse prevention workbooks from US Drug Rehab Centers

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Location Cues Require You To Stay Away

Location cues are usually specific locations, such as the sign on your favorite bar that when you drive past and see it, starts you craving a drink. As you walk near your former dealer’s corner, you feel the need for some coke. Passing by a friend’s apartment, where the two of you always used together, starts you thinking about smoking grass. Using page three on your “Personal Cue Inventory and Strategies to Manage Cues,” worksheet, begin your list of high-risk locations. Download a map from the Internet or buy a detailed map of the city or town where you live. Take a red pen and mark in the places that cue you to use. Draw a red line four blocks wide around each of these places. Inside this line is your red zone. Do not go inside that red zone and you won’t be cued. Besides avoidance you may need other strategies, such as buying your food at a different market that does not also sell alcohol. You may need to drive to school or work by a different route that avoids taking you past your former dealer’s home or a liquor store you used to frequent. Get very specific on your actions to keep you away from high risk locations.