Free Relapse Prevention Worksheets

14 relapse prevention workbooks from US Drug Rehab Centers

Table of Contents

Replace Old Cues With Positive Cues

Begin to replace the old cues with positive cues that have meaning to you. Take the time to reward yourself and replace old belongings with a positive lifestyle cue. For example, when you throw out your drinking shirt and replace it with your new exercise shirt. Throw out your bottle of alcohol and replace it with a bottle of vitamin B complex for increased resistance to depression. Throw out your poster of the Rolling Stones and replace it with  your poster of a mountain climber. Get going. Create those positive cues. For each cue identified on page 1 of your list at the end of this chapter, identify the person assigned to remove the cue. If the person you have identified to get rid of the cues is you; start now, get up, and go get rid of the items that are your cues.