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How Did We Develop Our First Values And Beliefs?

When we were kids, the values and beliefs our parents and families talked about and acted on became a large part of our first value system. Our friends and peer groups were the next major influence. We learned from them about values that were different from our family’s beliefs. The beliefs and behaviors of our heroes and people we admired also left a mark on our developing values. Formal institutions like school, media, and organized religion also instilled values within us. Societal values demonstrated through the laws and courts had some influence on developing our value systems. A lot of people helped you form your values and beliefs.

Some questions for you to ask now are:

Download the values and beliefs worksheet (PDF).

If your current value system does not positively support you in achieving success in your life, why not change it to one that will? If you aren’t clear what your value system is, then it’s time to figure it out.

Choose your character and you choose your life. Character is not how much fun you are or your personality traits. Character is how you act and what you do in a time of crisis. It is what you do when no one is looking. Choose your character and choose your new life.

Let’s start with something concrete. Take a few moments and imagine your ultimate dream job. Think about the kind of person who has that occupation.

Now answer the following questions:

Download the dream job worksheet (PDF).

Take a few moments to rate yourself as you are now on a scale of one to ten on each of the above character traits. Then go back and rate each trait from the point of view of being the person who is capable of having your perfect dream job. That is, rate the future you that you want to become. Is there a difference between now and what you want to be in the future?

Don’t you want the person in your dream job to live by high standards, be honest, dependable, trustworthy, respectable, organized, diligent, knowledgeable, and even humorous at times? If you are going to trust yourself to make the required changes in your life, you will need to develop these traits in yourself and live by them.