Free Relapse Prevention Worksheets

14 relapse prevention workbooks from US Drug Rehab Centers

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How To Set Goals With Important People In Your Life

Why set mutual goals with someone important in your life? So you can get more momentum and maintain momentum toward your goals. The speed of change in your life is dependant on two main variables: the desire to change and leverage to change.

Imagine an airplane. Think of your ability to change like an airplane. The higher you fly, the faster you will grow and change. Your will and desire are the engines that move the plane. Your barriers to change represent a drag on the speed of the plane. The more you remove barriers, the more streamlined your plane becomes, and the easier it flies. Let’s try another example.

When a business is stuck and isn’t growing, the owner can call in an outside consultant for a fresh perspective. Most consultants find it is far easier to achieve greater growth by removing barriers to growth than by pushing employees to do more. By removing barriers, growth and change occurs with less effort. As growth returns, the staff morale is higher. Then effort is applied for people to give more. As the barriers to growth diminish, the staff’s efforts are rewarded with positive results, and a growth cycle is established.

Another example is what you are doing at this very moment. By reading this book and completing the exercises, you have increased your knowledge and removed some of the barriers to your personal progress.