Free Relapse Prevention Worksheets

14 relapse prevention workbooks from US Drug Rehab Centers

Table of Contents

Making Dreams A Reality

You now have your vision of the perfect work for you. To make your dreams a reality you need to make an assessment and list the:

  • Skills your dream job requires
  • Skills you currently have
  • Skills you need to acquire to match your dream job

To start this assessment, go to the library or use the internet to find job descriptions that match or are close to your dream job. Check out the websites of companies that hire people like the person you are going to become. Check government and company websites that post positions like your dream job. Check the job descriptions for the qualifications and skills required. You can use this information to make your plan to get your perfect job. You will need to know the specific education, skills, and experience required. Talk to people who have your dream job. Talk to people in the human resources  or employment departments at some of the companies who have positions like your dream job. Find out what type of people they hire. This process can be tedious and somewhat time consuming, yet it is essential if you are going to take your dream job from just a wish to a set of concrete goals in your Life Plan.

Once you have completed at least some of your job research, you can use the information to make a list of the skills and education required for your future job. Now compare that list with the skills and education you currently have. Once you know what skills and education you will need, you can add specific goals and tasks to your Life Plan in the section under work and school. To help you define the goals for getting ready for your dream job answer the following questions.

Download the dream job goal setting worksheet (PDF).

You are now starting to create a realistic and concrete plan to achieve your dream job. Remember, even if it will take you ten years to achieve your ideal work, ten years will still pass anyway. You can choose to be ten years older and still in a rut or you can be ten years older and living your dreams.