Free Relapse Prevention Worksheets

14 relapse prevention workbooks from US Drug Rehab Centers

Table of Contents

Working On Your Mind And Body To Get Healthy

The major problems experienced in early recovery are the result of changes to the chemical balance in your brain now that you have stopped using. Alcohol and other drugs disrupted the normal production and actions of the “feel good” brain chemicals. These imbalances cause anxiety, irritability, depression, sleep disturbances, and cravings for drugs and alcohol. Poor nutrition and lack of exercise have left your body in poor shape to function normally. Amazingly, normal functions will return as you do these four simple

1. Sleep well
2. Eat well and take a quality vitamin pill daily
3. Exercise vigorously every day
4. Use daily relaxation techniques.

Your brain will recover its capability to make the needed chemicals. Simply by not using over a period of time, your symptoms will decrease as the period of abstinence continues. If you learn and use coping mechanisms, your reduction of negative symptoms will be even faster. Some symptoms will persist longer than others depending on the intensity and duration of your past drug and alcohol use.

You can learn how to manage symptoms while they are with you and to live a lifestyle that supports your body to continue healing. Feeling better physically and emotionally will take time. How much time depends on how you much work you do to help your body heal. Your body will heal faster and your mind will respond more reliably with quality rest, regular exercise, and good nutrition.