Free Relapse Prevention Worksheets

14 relapse prevention workbooks from US Drug Rehab Centers

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Identity Expands Or Limits Options

Identity shapes your perspective. It influences what you end up choosing to do or not to do. It directly effects your motivation. When you don’t believe something is possible to accomplish, you don’t persevere at it, no matter how easy that thing might actually be to complete. Identity is the lens through which you look to judge yourself, your options, and the world. Make sure your self-identity is not distorted by mistaken beliefs, faulty  understandings, inaccurate memories, and unrealistic attitudes (Dombeck, 2006).

Distorted thinking, based on forever using the identity of an addict, will keep you from seeing yourself, your options, and the world in an objective manner. You will very likely misjudge your options. You will make poorer choices in life and you will end up reliving your past experience of addiction rather than moving into your new life goals.