Free Relapse Prevention Worksheets

14 relapse prevention workbooks from US Drug Rehab Centers

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Why Are People Afraid To Quit Using?

People fear quitting because they are told about the physical experience of withdrawal. Even before a person experiences total withdrawal, they have had periods of time when they couldn’t get drugs or alcohol. As a result, they experienced cravings and felt very physically and emotionally ill. Their own personal experience taught them that quitting was not going to be a pleasant experience. The expected unpleasant experience of withdrawal is a big barrier to quitting. Media and movies exaggerate the experience of withdrawal and reinforce fearful expectations. In reality, withdrawal is not nearly as bad as the serious physical and mental illness that results from continuous heavy use of drugs and alcohol. People learn through personal experience that withdrawal is tolerable and safe if you are under good medical care or if you go to a facility with knowledgeable staff.

The second damaging and false belief is that people who become addicted to drugs and alcohol can never leave the drug and alcohol experience behind. Sadly this myth stops some people from making the decision to quit. It is used to convince themselves that they have a good reason for still using or for starting to use again after a short period of abstinence. It is the myth that you lack any control over your own actions.