Get USDR Certified

The USDR Centers directory is committed to providing the most comprehensive resources currently available for those in need of information on residential treatment programs and outpatient rehabilitation programs nation-wide. Our new USDR Certification Program ensures that member organizations maintain the highest level of industry standards and strive to serve the best interests of individuals in need of addiction treatment, resources and support, and/or the families and support groups of these individuals.


  • Operate within the United States of America
  • Hold all required state licensing
  • Adhere to the highest standards of ethical addictions treatment and support
  • Employ a multidisciplinary staff trained and certified in the practices and principles required to treat the complex needs of individuals who suffer from addictions and chemical dependencies
  • Maintain an acceptable ratio of staff to patients
  • Never had your operating license restricted or revoked

If your facility meets all of the above requirements, you qualify to become USDR-Certified.

To confirm, please provide the following:


USDR Page URL (optional):





As the registered owner/operator of the facility named, I agree with the terms and conditions stated above.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: By using the USDR-Certified badge on your USDR listing or on your website, you hereby agree to all of the requirements listed at the time of acceptance and furthermore agree to continue to abide by these agreed-upon terms. If it is found that your facility does not abide by these terms now or in the future, USDR reserves the right to remove the badge from your listing without notice.